SPRINKLER SYSTEM (Quick Contact: +91 98333 89993 | + 91 99691 99699)
SPRINKLER SYSTEM (Quick Contact: +91 98333 89993 | + 91 99691 99699)


Automatic sprinkler systems are considered to be the most effective and economical way to apply water from fixed systems. It is designed to act upon a fire at a pre-determined temperature by means of a water spray. It could extinguish the fire or control its spread's the extinguishing mechanism of sprinkler water spray includes combustible matenals to prevent further fire spread and displacement of combustible vapour and oxygen steam.

The sensitivity of the sprinkler heat is dependent on the nominal rating of its glass bulb, which varies from 570°oC - 260°oC and is identified by different colour codes. When considering the increase of the compartment size. Or the reduction in passive fire protection systems by using sprinkler systems. The sprinkler system should meet the relevant recommendations of commonly used standards such as BS 5306 : Part 2, i.e. The relevant occupancy rating together with the additional requirements for the safety.

The design of a sprinkler system is determined by the hazard classification of the building occupancy. Each category has its own minimum design density of discharge and assumed maximum area over which this design density is to be achieved.
There are four main types of sprinkler systems - wet. Dry. Alternate and pre-action system. They are normally chosen by the nature of the area to be protected.

Whether storage of water in the pipework would pose a risk due to process or weather condition, or where the risk of accidental discharge is to be eliminated.

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