Rat Repellant For Home (Quick Contact: +91 98333 89993 | + 91 99691 99699)
  Rat Repellant For Home (Quick Contact: +91 98333 89993 | + 91 99691 99699)

Rat Repellant For Home

Rat Repellant For Home - Rat Repellant For Home supplier. We provided it in very reasonable price and on time delivery.

Scientific and Effective

■ 3 bands ultrasonic waves

■ Frequency changes intermittently

Safe, No Risk of Fire

■ Fireproof materials

■ External Fuse

Cover in Extensive Range

■ 150 Square Meters per unit

Dominant Trend of Pest Control Market

■ Poisons and pesticides are less eco-friendly, and people may eat them by mistake.

■ Multiple glue traps and cages are needed to buy repeatedly.

■ Ultrasonic pest repellers are safe, energy- saving and easy to use.

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High Quality Guarantees

■ Coverage : It can reach to 250m2 (2690 Sqft.) We suggest 150m2 (1620 Sqft.) per unit when using.
■ Frequency changes intermittently : The rodents are unable to adapt.

■ Ultrasound level : 110 dB.

■ Ultrasonic speaker : Top product in the field.

■ Microchip : From World Famous

Product Safety Guarantees

■ Special ultrasonic waves: act upon the rodents but not humans.

■ Fireproof Materials : The Product won't catch fire.

■ External fuse : Internal circuit won't be damaged.

■ Full voltage setting : can be used universally.

■ 16-core wire : More, more reassuring.

■ Free From poisons, pesticides and traps: no potential physical threats


   Why to waster or pay more our hard earning money for Ultrasonic pest Repeller Panels & Transducer which are Available in the Market and also have less effect on Rats and more Expensive. To install panel and Transducer technician or Electrician is required but J3 Technology Ultrasonic Rat Repeller is very simply to install Plug and Pay no Engineer is required for the same only you have to plug in the 230Volt Socket that all. Speciallty in J3 Technology Ultrasonic Rat Repeller No need to change the Frequency manually likes other Companys panels it automatically changes the same due to which Rat get Irritate and leave the Premises Immediately.

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