Rat Repellant For Automobile (Quick Contact: +91 98333 89993 | + 91 99691 99699)
  Rat Repellant For Automobile (Quick Contact: +91 98333 89993 | + 91 99691 99699)

    Rat Repellant For Automobile - Rat Repellant For Automobile manufacturer and supplier. We are the Rat Repellant For Automobile supplier in India. We provided it in very reasonable price and on time delivery.

   Anyone that has had the unfortunate experience of either having rodrant such has rats or mouse stay in then car engine or had them chew off electrical cables in the car will understand that this is a real inconvenience for people as it does not makes us late for appointment but the cost of replacing those wires that were damaged can be quite costly. Even though you fixed the cars electrical problem you haven’t fixed the origin of the problem which is pests that are going to come back and do the same thing over and over. The other major problem my be the animals such as cats and dogs may seek shelter under the car or near the wheels as its rubber and retains heat pretty well. Animals such as cat always seek somewhere they feel safe and comfortable. Cats also have a remarkable skeleton structure which allows the to fit themselves into tight and small places we wouldn’t normally look. When we start the engine and drive they might not have the chance or time to react to what is happening around them and unfortunate things which is unintentional. Once that happens you are left with a big mess that you to clean up which will mess your schedule, it is also a sight you may not want to expense.

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Applying Space <50M2
Design : Regular
Customized : Non - Customized
Pest Control Types : Rat, Expel, Chase
Item Name : Auto Rate Repeller
Type : Ultrasonic
Power Supply : Electric
Pest Types : Mouse, Rat, Rodent
Product Name : Auto Mouse Repeller
Other Name : Vechicle Mouse Repeller

Strong Ultrasound Bright LED light

Main Specifications
Power Voltage:12V DC
Average Power: 40mA
Ultrasonic Frequency: 20Khz---70Khz
Ultrasonic Level:118dB(Not Audible to Humans)
Coverage:100m2 under open environment
Product Size:85X85X25mm
Net Weight: 120g
WARRANTY: 1 year
(incl. of Taxes)


   Why to waster or pay more our hard earning money for Ultrasonic pest Repeller Panels & Transducer which are Available in the Market and also have less effect on Rats and more Expensive. To install panel and Transducer technician or Electrician is required but J3 Technology Ultrasonic Rat Repeller is very simply to install Plug and Pay no Engineer is required for the same only you have to plug in the 230Volt Socket that all. Speciallty in J3 Technology Ultrasonic Rat Repeller No need to change the Frequency manually likes other Companys panels it automatically changes the same due to which Rat get Irritate and leave the Premises Immediately.

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