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  ADDRESSABLE SENSOR CABLE (Quick Contact: +91 98333 89993 | + 91 99691 99699)


Addressable Water Leak Sensor Cable - Addressable Water Leak Sensor Cable Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Sontay Sensor Cable With J3 Four Zone Wld Panel, Sontay Water Leak Sensor Cable, RLE Addressable Water Leak Sensor Cable and Conventional Water Leak Sensor Cable.

J3-Saini Ad-09: sensing cable detects conductive liquids anywhere along its length. After installed with a J3 water leak detection panel alarm or other module, once the cable senses the leakage of liquids, it will trigger an alarm. The sensor cable can detect the leakage of water, weak-acid extra.


J3-Saini Ad-09: sensor cable was consisted of two sensing cable. Internal of two sensing cable is metal wire and outside of cable is conducting polymer to make J3 sensing cable mechanically strong and chemically resistant. This rugged construction allows the cable to perform well, even in demanding environments.


Sensor cable processed into helical structure contrast to parallel structure, it can greatly reduce electromagnetic interference and misstatement rate. The characteristic of sensor cable is as follow, small and portable, strong flexibility, easy setup, and unique design. These make the cable dry quickly and stop alarm to let module reset rapidly. J3-Saini Ad-09 sensor cable is made by anti-corrosion, low smoke and innoxious material.


The sensor cable can be provided custom length of multiple of 5 meter so that it can suitable to use in different areas and monitor subfloors, and double-containment piping, data centre, manufacturing process, telecommunication, electric room etc.

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